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Looking to buy a home? Protect yourself doing it!

Many people want that dream home, but yet don't protect themselves from someone who wants to take your dream home from you. In this blog, we will tell you how you can do that, and still have your dream home. When you are married, most states combine everything into the ONE factor, what is the one factor? Im happy you asked, it is the union of two people "saying I do" at the alter, and then being pronounced husband, and wife. Yet the buck doesn't stop at the alter, it is a lifetime commitment of your things being mine, and my things being yours. This is the same with your dream home, when you are buying your dream home it is important to protect your assets also known as your ass. Why do I say this? I say this because we all are made up of chemicals, and we all wake up with so much on our mind, and we even might have the thought of not wanting to be married anymore, and that means if we are on the deed of my dream home together, and I want to sell it to get some of my money back, than the other person will be able to get some of the money from your dream home, and thats not what you work hard to do. Here is the way to protect your home as well as yourself, you must look into something called a "FREE TRADER AGREEMENT" this basically keeps someone from "splitting" "taking" your dream home, without this if your marriage comes to a sudden end, or you separate the courts can go in favor of the spouse and all of your hard working money is down the drain. So the next time you become so in love, and you and your spouse want to go buy your dream home, let them know this home comes with a signed "FREE TRADER AGREEMENT."


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