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"Is Podcast Advertising the Next Big Opportunity for Brands and Businesses?"

Story by David Frazier-FrazierChronicles Podcast Media

In the world of Advertising, we see some many businesses, and brands have so many options on how they are advertising their businesses to consumers, but many businesses haven't looked into the podcast media companies that have over 10k listeners all over the globe.

As a podcaster I believe this many businesses and brands will start reaching out to podcast media companies, and this is due to the fact podcast are audio, as well as visual. When you look at the audio component, a brand or business has the opportunity to be heard while someone is driving to work, while they are cleaning up the house, while they are mowing the yard, etc. When it comes to the visual aspect of podcasting, most podcast media is on social media, as well as on YouTube, and on many podcasting companies web page. This allows for brands, and businesses to show the products or services they provide, not only that a brand, or business can do a live podcast with the podcasting company and show viewers what services and products they sell.

These are great reasons I believe podcast advertising will be on the rise, and it has a lot to do with listeners, the podcast world is said to have over 82 million people listening to podcast daily, and this number is said to rise over the next 10 years to over a billion listeners, with more listeners brands and businesses will be able to see an increase revenue, as well as more eyes on the online stores shopping for services, and products that are being used by consumers.

The last thing I would like to implement here is the average cost of a podcast ad. In 2024 to advertise with a podcast media company a business or brand can expect to pay between $12-$15,000, the cost depends on the length of the ad, as well as where it is placed in the ad, how many podcasts do you want the ad placed in, etc. I believe this is a more flexible way to see what works, and what isn't working for a brand or business, while not spending so much money.

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